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Sole Rosso Srl – Alloggi al Coperto – La Spezia (SP)

Via Domenico Chiodo, 151, 19121 La Spezia SP

Sole Rosso Srl – Alloggi al Coperto – La Spezia (SP)

We are a family, a large-Italian-family, and we have a great passion for our Country and for the land where we live or from where are our origins. As it often happens in Italy, we have different bloods in our veins: my father’s family is from Tuscany, my mother’s is Sicilian, and we live in Liguria, where my sister and I were born.

At today it’s the two of us who cares of our family properties and we offer them to our guests exactly as per our Italian way of living, even if with some help from the new young growing “third generation”.